Duck Foie Gras Torchon

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Duck Foie Gras

Rougie Sarlat

DR Delicacy’s duck foie gras is semi-cooked, pasteurized and ready-to-eat.  Au Torchon, the French style standard, creates this lovely barrel shaped foie gras that is best served sliced on warm pieces of bread.  The delicate foie gras’ rich flavor will melt in your mouth.


Les faits

  • Au Torchon, a French style standard, creates this lovely barrel-shaped foie gras.
  • Perfect for ready-made hors d'oeuvres.
  • Le Foie Gras was declared part of the French Gastronomic & Cultural Heritage
  • 100% whole duck foie gras.
  • Semi-cooked, pasteurized, prepared and ready-to-eat.
  • Product of Canada
  • Package size 250g


Cooking/ Serving

  • Do not spread the foie gras!
  • Keep the presentation simple to enjoy the full flavor of foie gras.
  • Present slices on warm pieces of bread allowing it to melt against the palate.
  • Serve with sweet-white wine such as a Sauterne or Champagne
  • Warm the knife before slicing foie gras to ensure the best cut.
  • Other serving suggestions include:
    • Slightly pan-searing and serving with gingerbread and a thin layer of onion or mango chutney.
    • In salads or omelets



  • Duck foie gras
  • Port wine ( porto tawny, salt, pepper & sulphites)
  • Sugar
  • White pepper
  • Sodium erythorbate
  • Sodium nitrite
  • Contains sulphites


* Keep your torchon fresh in the refrigerator for up to 9 months.

Net  Wt. 8.81 oz. ($6.92 per oz.)

Product of Canada

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