Fresh Black Summer Truffles

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Fresh Black Summer Truffles

DR Delicacy’s Black Summer Truffle is the easiest way to start the truffle journey due to its reasonable price and lighter yet delightfully subtle taste than their relatives.

Harvested only through June to November, its sweet hazelnut scent easily mixes with other dishes. 

Les faits

  • Truffle species: Tuber Aestivum(Summer Truffle)
  • The truffle yields the sweet scent of mushrooms and fresh hazelnut flavor.
  • Less pungent than other truffle species.
  • When they are out of Season use our Carpaccio of Summer Truffles  in Sunflower Oil.


Cooking/ Serving

  • Serve with butter spreads or oiled bruschetta as an appetizer.
  • Thinly slice the fresh truffles and garnish in pasta or rice
  • Use truffle slices over the meat already cooked or put the meat with the truffle sauce
  • To enhance the truffle flavor even further, we recommend using one of our authentic truffle oils.
  • Black Summer Truffles go well in truffle pasta or ravioli.

Product of Europe


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