Calvisius Caviar Lingotto

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How It’s Made & How to Use It

Creating the Lingotto into beautifully shaped bars, like all the fine caviars Calvisius produces, takes time and commitment. Fresh Pacific White sturgeon caviar (Acipenser transmontanus) is stored in a mold and aged for around two months. Once Lingotto is properly aged, the flavor is intensified and the texture is firm enough to be shaved, micro-planed or cut into strips.

Lingotto can be used on hot food, in fact, any dish’s warmth rehydrates it and enhances the aromas, making it ready to enjoy.

Recommended Pairings

Shave over lemon zested spaghetti for a pasta that will wow your guests. Slice using a truffle slicer into paper thin strips over potato or pumpkin purée. Pair with crisp dry bubbles, a crisp white wine or vodka.

Shelf life: 120 days, unopened, from ship date.