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Hackleback Caviar

Hackleback Caviar

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Hackleback caviar, also known as Shovelnose caviar, is a small and delicate pearl caviar with a rich, nutty flavor and a slightly sweet finish. It has a soft, tender texture that is similar to Beluga caviar but with a milder finish. Hackleback caviar is best served with simple accompaniments like bread, crackers, or potatoes, making it an excellent choice for a variety of dishes.

Origin: USA, Wild-caught

Product Characteristics:

  • Pearl size: Small
  • Flavor: Rich, nutty, and slightly sweet
  • Profile: Subtle and delicate
  • Texture: Delicate
  • Pairings: Blinis, Crackers, Deviled eggs, Potato chips, Extra-dry Champagne.

The shelf life is an average of 1-2 months. Each product is packed to order and handled with the utmost care. Keep refrigerated till ready to consume. Once opened, please enjoy it within 2 days.

Wholesale pricing available. For larger sizes please contact us.

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