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Russian Osetra Karat Black

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The Russian Osetra Karat Black is “la crème de la crème” perfect for the most discerning tastes. These pearls taste of the sea with a buttery essence. 

Osetra Caviar is regarded as the most flavorful among the elite caviar types of the world and thus the most popular. Russian Osetra Caviar is a true delight for a real connoisseur for its unique clean, sweet, crisp and subtle nutty taste.

Each pearl has a clear and glossy structure with an eggshell which is usually a little bit firmer than other types of caviar but still very tender and delicate. The pearls have a robust nutty with a rich buttery finish.

DR Delicacy’s Russian Osetra Caviar is exclusively packed by Markys.

Les faits

  • The medium to large grey pearls yield a firm, buttery & smooth taste with a hint of the sea.
  • Black, with hints of chestnut color pearls
  • An average of 2-3 months shelf life. After opening this caviar should be consumed in three days.
  • Russian Osetra Karat Black is a result of innovation & drive to maintain the cherished Caspian Sea Russian Sturgeon regarding sustainability, quality & traceability.

Cooking/ Serving

  • Can be served as appetizers on blinis and crème fraiche
  • Serve with chives & other accouterments.
  • Classic garnishes include white onion, chopped egg white and yolk (separately, not mixed).
  • Do not use silverware as Caviar will absorb its metallic flavor. Use mother of pearl of pearl or ivory spoons.
  • Serve Caviar ice cold 
  • When eating Caviar by itself, taste with the tongue and avoiding chewing to avoid loss of flavor.
  • Vodka is a traditional Russian pairing and accompanies caviar perfectly. The ice cold, crisp, clean flavor of vodka will bring out a distinguished taste of caviar without overpowering.
  • Bubbles & saltiness of caviar go hand in hand. If caviar is being served as part of a recipe that involves cream or butter, champagne will help clean the palette and refresh the dish. Select a classic style – vintage if possible– and avoid ‘zero dosage’ varieties, which can


  • Russian Osetra Karat Black (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) eggs
  • Sea salt




Large to medium-size grains

Storage Type:

Only Refrigerated

*A minimum of 48 hours is required for special order

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