Pure White Truffle Cream

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DR/DELICACY Pure White Truffle Cream

DR Delicacy’s Pure White Truffle Cream (Crema di Tartufo Bianco) gives a exquisite touch to every dish you want to make extra special. Simple ingredients with top quality yield the best flavor among the truffle products.

Les faits

  • 70% of white truffles mixed with sunflower seed oil, a small amount of cooking water and a dash of salt.
  • Truffle species: Tuber magnafum, Pico
  • The butter is clear when melted since clarified butter doesn’t’ contain the milk solids that traditional butter does.
  • Refrigerate after opening & use within 4-5 days to maintain the freshness

Cooking/ Serving

  • Use as a spread or high-end topping to any dish
  • Dress a fresh past or risotto for extra elegant flavor.

Net Wt. 1.06 oz. ($48.07 per oz.)

*Wholesale Pricing Available

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